NDCP conducts strategic planning

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In its pursuit for institutional excellence and efficiency, the NDCP conducted a strategic planning workshop on June 17 to 18, 2019 at Punta de Fabian Resort in Baras, Rizal.
For two days, College officials, faculty, and staff engaged in dynamic discussion about organizational strengths and weaknesses. They explored opportunities and challenges in the strategic environment.
The NDCP Team developed strategic objectives and concrete plans to realize the vision of the College.
Facilitated by Engr Angelica Cortero-Fraginal, Managing Director and Senior Consultant, and Mr Joselito Tito Fraginal, Senior Quality Consultant, of the ACF Consultancy and Training Services, the strategic planning workshop helped the NDCP Team identify key indicators and measurable targets.
Established in 1963, the NDCP is the government’s highest center for education, research and training on national defense and security