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Mr Jesus “Mang Jess” Joaquin called on NDCP President RAdm Roberto Q Estioko AFP (Ret) PhD MNSA today.
After 41 years of serving as the College’s ‘official tailor’, Mang Jess is hanging up his tape measure.
Mang Jess said, “I thank the NDCP administration for accepting me as the official tailor.”
He further said, “I was privileged and lucky to meet and talk to high government officials, military officers, lawyers, business executives, prominent elected officials and international students.”
He recalled that it was in 1977 when one of his customers who was taking up the Master in National Security Administration (MNSA) program introduced him to College officials. The College then was looking for a tailor for the MNSA barong uniform.
RAdm Estioko, who owns several Mang Jess barongs, expressed his appreciation. He thanked and commended Mang Jess for his dedication and professionalism.
From MNSA Regular Classes 12 to 53, Mang Jess made the MNSA uniform.
Mang Jess shared that many of the students remained as his customers long after they finish the MNSA program and some even refer their colleagues and associates.
Now in his late 80s, Mang Jess hopes to spend more time with his family after he closes Jessrow, his tailor shop.
During the 55th NDCP Foundation Anniversary held last August, Mang Jess received the Meritorious Service Award.