EO 292


Chapter 10


SEC. 60 Organization and Administration

The Na­tional Defense College of the Philippines, hereafter referred to as the College, shall be under the direction supervision and control of the Secretary of National Defense.
The College shall be headed by a President who shall administer the affairs of the College with the assistance of an Executive Vice President, a Vice-president for Academic Affairs, a Vice-President for Administrative Affairs and a Vice-President for Research and Special Studies The Executive Vice-President shall act for the President in his absence and shall perform such other functions as may be assigned to him by the President.
The Vice-President for Academic Affairs shall be res­ponsible for the development, implementation, supervision and evaluation of academic programs; the Vice-President for Ad­ministrative Affairs, for the overall administrative support to all the activities of the College; and the Vice-President for Research and Special Studies, on the conduct of research work and special studies.
The College shall have an Academic Board to assist the President discharge the following functions:
Supervise the academic affairs of the College;
Recommend academic consultants, professors, lec­turers, instructors, research, assistants and other resource persons of the College; and
Recommend the courses of studies to be conducted by the College to accomplish its objectives.
The Board shall be composed of the Vice-President for Academic Affairs as Chairman, and the Heads of the various academic disciplines as members, who shall be designated by the President subject to the approval of the Secretary of Na­tional Defense.

All resource persons of the college including but not limited to academic consultants professors, lecturers, instructors, thesis advisers, members of examining and evaluating panels, examiners, correctors, and technicians who are regularly employees in the Government shall in addition to their salaries, be entitled to receive honoraria, fees and other emolu­ments fixed by the secretary of National Defense.
SEC. 61 Powers and function
The College shall train and develop the skills and competence of potential national defense leaders, civilian officials of the different agencies and instrumentalities of the Government, and selected executives from the private sector in the formulation and implementation of national security policies, and for high command and staff duty.
The College shall have the power to confer the degree of Master in National Security Administration (MNSA) upon all its students who have satisfactorily completed the prescribed course of study.
SEC. 62 Graduates of the Regular Course of the College.
Graduates of the College will receive for purposes of promotion to key and sensitive positions in the military and civilian offices, preferential consideration and/or credit points in the grade or class of their respective Positions.
All civilian graduates who are holders of the degree of Master in National Security Administration shall qualify for appointment to the initial rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the reserve force of the Armed Forces of the Philippines
Authority to use with honor the abbreviation MNSA after their names is hereby given to all graduates of the regu­lar course of the College.