The Academic Affairs Division (AAD) admin­isters the degree and non-degree programs of the College. The Master in National Security Administration – Regular Course (MNSA-RC)  is the flagship program of NDCP. It is a one-year, full-time master’s degree program consisting of thirty-nine (39) units earned through various forms of coursework, case-studies, executive table top exercises, field visits, national and global academic enhancement travels, and ultimately, rigorous writing and presentation of a strategic-level thesis on defense and national security issues, challenges, and prospects. 

The MNSA-RC Program is open to military officers (local and foreign), government officials, and private sector leaders. Civilian graduates are commissioned Lieutenant Colonels or Commanders in the AFP Reserve Force. The curriculum is designed and continuously updated to explore the evolving multidimensional features of national security. 

Alongside the MNSA-RC Program, the AAD also administers the conduct of another degree program the Master in National Security Administration – Executive Course (MNSA – EC), as well as the College’s two non-degree programs, the National Security Studies Program (NSSP) and the Executive Course on National Security (ECNS). 

The AAD is home to the members of NDCP’s core faculty whose specialization ranges from food security, national security policy analysis, defense diplomacy, critical security studies, to gender, peace, and security.