LIEUTENANT GENERAL FERDINAND MENDEZ CARTUJANO PAF (RET) assumed office as President, National Defense College of the Philippines on 15 August 2022.

LTGEN Cartujano is a product of the public education system from elementary to college. Graduating from elementary as salutatorian, he graduated from high school as valedictorian when he was only fifteen years old. He spent two years at the University of the Philippines-Diliman where he studied BS Marine Science as a state scholar. He then entered the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) in the summer of 1984 when he was seventeen years old. As a PMA cadet, he was consistently named in the Dean’s List and the Commandant’s List. In sports, he was a champion in boxing, karate, aikido, basketball, and volleyball during intramural games, and was named as the Most Valuable Player (MVP) twice in basketball.

LTGEN Cartujano graduated from PMA as a distinguished member of the PMA “Maringal” Class of 1988. Thereafter, he joined the Philippine Air Force (PAF) and took the Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT) at PAF Flying School and finished with “flying colors,” earning his Pilot Wings in 1990. He has all the flight qualifications as a pilot:  Flight Commander; Level 1 Flight Examiner and Evaluator; Instructor Pilot; Test Pilot; Assault Pilot; and Search and Rescue Pilot.

His mettle as a pilot was tested when he was assigned with the 205th Tactical Helicopter Wing as an assault pilot, flying numerous aerial and tactical missions in support to combat operations against Communists Terrorists Groups in Marag Valley in Apayao and Abra; to the hinterlands of Bicol Region; the regions of Negros, Waray, and Caraga in the Visayas and Mindanao; and against Muslim secessionists in Southern Mindanao. He was awarded a Wounded Personnel Medal (WPM) when the Huey helicopter he piloted was aerially ambushed in Samar in 1993.

These combat experiences inspired him to take the Air Intelligence Officers’ Course where he graduated at the top of his class. It also opened doors for him to occupy staff positions, which aptly prepared him to be the Squadron Commander of the 5056th Search and Rescue Squadron, which is based in Laoag. His exceptional leadership in this unit earned him the award of the PAF Best Squadron Commander of the Year for three consecutive years – from Anniversary Years 2001, 2002, and 2003. In 2009, he assumed the position as Group Commander of 505th Search and Rescue Group where his unit was named as back-to-back PAF Group of the Year in AY 2010 and 2011. He also has the distinction of being named as Officer of the Year of 205th Tactical Helicopter Wing and 505th Search and Rescue Group in 1995 and 2002 respectively. For two straight years (2019 and 2020), his unit the Air Education, Training and Doctrine Command (AETDC) was named as the PAF Functional Command of the Year.

To further develop his competency as a pilot, logistician and strategic planner, he pursued various military career courses that he all finished outstandingly, among these are the Squadron Officers Course (SOC) where he graduated Number 2 in his class; Australian Command General Staff Course (CGSC) at the Australian Defense College in Weston Creek, Canberra, Australia in 2005; and the Senior Executive Course in National Security (SECNS) Class 10 at the National Defense College of the Philippines (NDCP).

These were complemented with various military specialization training and seminars that he took locally and abroad that include the following: AFP Logistics Officers Integrated Course, graduating Number 1; AFP Financial Management Course, finishing at Number 3; Defense Resource Management Seminar and the Regional Seminar- Workshop on Transparency and Conventional Arms in the United Nation Headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand.

The NDCP President’s zest for learning and his sincere commitment to help mold future leaders were further boosted by his two (2) Post-Graduate degrees, namely: Masters in Management in Defense Studies (MMDS) from the University of Canberra in Canberra, Australia, and Masters in Business Economics (MBE) from the University of Asia and the Pacific in Ortigas, Pasig.

On 16 November 2020, LTGEN Cartujano took the helm and leadership of PMA as Superintendent. Among LTGEN Cartujano’s greatest legacy at PMA include leading the Cadet Corps  at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic from 2020 to 2022, which involved the production of all the vaccines and booster shots not only for the cadets but also all personnel and their dependents, tenant units, and AFP units in Baguio and in the surrounding community.

As Superintendent, LTGEN Cartujano oversaw a record in cadet history with 1,270 cadets during School Year 2021- 2022 due to very low attrition rate and very high success rate. With the arrival of the plebes for School Year 2022-2023, the Cadet Corps currently has 1,310 cadets. LTGEN Cartujano also led the regularization of all contractual employees at PMA including servers, utility workers, and laborers. Most importantly, LTGEN Cartujano succeeded in  eradicating maltreatment practices  and hazing at PMA, putting premium and emphasis on education and corrective training policies.

Before his stint as Superintendent, LTGEN Cartujano was an Assistant Superintendent during which he headed the Technical Working Group (TWG) that conceptualized, designed, and defended the presently used course curricula for programs such as the Bachelor of Science in National Security Management, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, and the soon to be implemented Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering.

LTGEN Cartujano’s leadership in PMA vastly contributed to the Academy’s very high success rate.

No doubt, his solid foundation in training, coupled with excellence in his craft led him to occupy various positions of major responsibility in the AFP, which include the following: Commander, Air Education, Training and Doctrine Command; Deputy Wing Commander of 600th Air Base Wing in Clark Air Base; Chief of Division Staff of 1st Air Division in Clark Air Base; and Group Commander of the 505th Search and Rescue Group of the Philippine Air Force, among others. He also holds the distinction of being the only AFP Officer to have occupied the top three (3) positions in PMA – first as the Chief of Academy Staff; then as Assistant Superintendent; and finally as Superintendent of his beloved Alma Mater.

A testament of 38 years of continuous, committed, and faithful military service to the nation earned him the following awards: Presidential Legion of Honor degree of Commander; Presidential Legion of Honor degree of Officer; Distinguished Service Stars; Gold Cross Medal for gallantry in action; an Outstanding Achievement Medal; Distinguished Aviation Cross Medals for airmanship; Bronze Cross Medals; and countless Military Merit and Commendation Medals. He, likewise, takes pride in wearing the Philippine Air Force Military Pilot Badge (Gold Wings) for earning more than 5,000 Accident – Free flying hours, with the hope of inspiring the next generation of pilots. As of today, he has accumulated varied accolades, appreciations, and Letters of Commendation from private and public sectors, to include some from the Office of the President of the Philippines.

As the current NDCP President, LTGEN Cartujano intends to build on the accomplishments of the past and reach even greater heights.  His leadership of the College is guided by three key thrusts:  institutionalization, expansion, and self-development.

A proud son of the historic towns of San Miguel, Bulacan and Roxas City, Capiz, LTGEN Cartujano was born on 26 June 1966, blissfully married to Director Dinna Anna Lee Lumibao – Cartujano, and is a proud father of two (2) successful and lovely daughters – Beatrice Dianne and Lara Danielle.


Executive Vice President

CAPTAIN ALDRIN C CUÑA PN (RES) served as Chief of Staff to the Mayor (2010-2013) and City Administrator (2014-2019).  In the World Bank Doig Business Report (2019) the Philippines improved from 124TH to 95TH worldwide rankings, paving the way for “The Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Service Delivery Act of 2018” (Republic Act 11032); which was incubated and pilot tested by the National Competitiveness Council during his watch in Quezon City.

Aldrin finished his Bachelor Degree in Political Science at the De La Salle University – Manila.  He has a Juris Doctor degree from the San Sebastian College – Recoletos.  In 2007, graduated 6TH among 52 graduates of the 41ST Master in National Security Administration Regular Class. He is currently finishing his Doctor in Public Administration at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

Captain Cuña assumed office as Executive Vice President on 18 August 2021.  He brings into the NDCP his wealth of experience in the field of policy research and analysis, public management and administration.  He is an OCD-accredited cadre on Incident Command System and a staunch supporter of Disaster Management and Resiliency.  Apart from being a faculty of Political Science, He was former Deputy Commander of the Naval Forces Reserve – National Capital Region.  EVP Cuña is currently Officer In Charge of the Naval Forces Reserve – West (Palawan).   He is also an active officer of the Association of Philippine Volunteer Fire Brigades Inc.


Acting Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Students

Dr. Alan Ada Lachica is the Acting Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the National Defense College of the Philippines. He also serves as the Module Director for National Security Administration (NSA 201). He previously served as the Module Director for National Security Administration 210 (Special Topics in National Security Administration). Dr. Lachica was also the Program Director of the successful, first-ever English Language Course (ELC), an English language training program under the ASEAN Defense Ministers Meeting (ADMM)- Wide Education and Training Exchanges Program participated by military officers and ministry of defense officials from several ASEAN-member countries.

Dr. Lachica obtained his Ph.D. in International Studies (major in International Relations) from Sogang University in Seoul, South Korea. He finished his Master in Political Science specializing in Peace Studies and Global Governance at the Graduate Institute of Peace Studies of Kyung Hee University in Seoul, South Korea. He also received a Certificate in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law from Europa Universitat Viadrina in Germany.

He had previously worked in South Korea as an Assistant Professor in Daegu Catholic University and at Gyeongju University. He was also a Professorial Lecturer in the Master of ASEAN Studies graduate program of the University of the Philippines Open University and at the Department of International Studies in Far Eastern University.

His academic and research interests are defense diplomacy, United Nations and collective security, ASEAN, humanitarian intervention, international humanitarian law, and geopolitics. He has published his research on humanitarian intervention and geopolitics in international peer reviewed journals.


Acting Chief, Research and Special Studies Division

MR CLARENCE ANTHONY P DUGENIA is the Supervising Defense Research Officer and the Acting Chief of Research and Special Studies Division (RSSD) of the National Defense College of the Philippines.

He supervises in the planning, organizing, and controlling the various sections of the RSSD. He renders support and assistance in designing and implementing projects and programs relating to the implementation of research plans and policies. Moreover, he undertakes policy research in defense and national security issues. His other areas of interests include Disaster Risk Reduction and Management and Crisis Management.

He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science at the University of the Philippines Diliman. He earned units in his Master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning in the same university.


Director, Philippine Center of Excellence in Defense
Development and Security

ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR REJ CORTEZ TORRECAMPO is an Associate Professor I of the National Defense College of the Philippines and a Senior Lecturer at the International Studies Department of Miriam College. He is also currently the Director of the Philippine Center of Excellence in Defense, Development, and Security (PCEDS) of NDCP. He has been with the defense sector since 2015; serving as defense analyst at the Office Of Naval Strategic Studies of the Philippine Navy.

He works on research and extension programs related to gender, peace, and security; collaborative governance; and naval diplomacy. He also spearheads the creatives and innovation activities of PCEDS, particularly in introducing new ways of producing and disseminating knowledge and increasing engagement with stakeholders.

He obtained a degree of Master in Development Management from the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) and Bachelor of Arts in International Studies, with specialization in International Politics minor in Peace Studies from Miriam College. He completed 30 units of coursework for the program Master of Arts in Foreign Service from the Philippine Women’s University from 2014-2016.


Acting Chief, Administrative Division

MR MARLON Q SISON is the Acting Chief of the Administrative Division of the National Defense College of the Philippines. Prior to his designation, he served various positions in the College. With his drive and initiative to climb the corporate ladder, he worked his way up and become the former Chief of Financial Management Division.
He provides general and over-all administrative support and services to all the activities of the College for its improvement and effective utilization of financial and manpower resources. Furthermore, he formulates and develops policies relative to the general administrative affairs of the NDCP.


Acting Chief, Financial Management Division

MS LILIA DJ ACO has been in service with the National Defense College of the Philippines for thirty six years. She currently holds the positions as Head of the Budget and Fiscal Section and the Acting Chief of the Financial and Management Division at the NDCP. She has a degree in Business Administration major in Accounting. She also earned units in her Master’s degree in Business Administration at Polytechnic University of the Philippines.
She supervises budget and operation, financial analysis, allotment status, and program performance and budget execution review.
With her passion and dedication in her profession, she was granted several awards such as Model Civilian Employee in 1990 from the Association of Government Internal Auditors; Exemplary Supervisor


Acting Chief, Military and Security

LTC DARWIN C LAGUARDIA PROF is the Acting Chief, Military Affairs and Security Division and the Military Assistant to the President, NDCP.

He is a member of the Corps of Professors, AFP since 2008. His assignment include the Chief of the Assessment and Evaluation Branch, TRED, OJ8 from Jan 2020 to July 2021. While serving as Branch Chief at OJ8, he was designated as OIC AFP Speech Laboratory where he serves as one of the accredited raters of the Australian Defense Force English Language Profiling System (ADFELPS) up to this date. He also served as Chief, Administrative Branch and Career Management Branch of the Office of the Dean, Corps of Professors, AFP from 2017 to 2020, and as the Operations Officer from 2013 to 2014. He also served the AFP Civil Military Operations School in various capacities such as Assistant Commandant, School Director, Head, Academic Department and Head, Research and Doctrine Development and Testing and Evaluation from 2015 to 2017. At the Philippine Military Academy, he was designated as Administrative Officer in the various Departments and staff officer as Assistant ACAD 1 and Group Adjutant of the Academic Group, PMA from 2008 to 2013. Concurrently, he served as instructor and course director in various courses including the English Bridge Program for plebes and other English subjects, Humanities, and History.

LTC LAGUARDIA PROF finished the Technical Service Officer Basic Course at the AFP Medical Service School (now the Health Service Education and Training Center), Health Service Command in 2015, and the Adjutant General Service Officer Advance Course at the Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) Philippine Army in 2018. He also finished the CMO Officers Correspondence Course – TRADOC, PA; the Instructor Qualification Course and the Curriculum Development Course – SITS, Intelligence Service AFP; UN Peace Operations Course – Canberra, Australia; Language Teacher Training Course – Quebec, Canada; and the ADFELPS Raters Course – Melbourne, Australia.

He is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and Bachelor of Secondary Education – English at the Saint Louis University in Baguio City and a Master of Development Management at the Pangasinan State University. He is currently taking up Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Linguistics at the Philippine Normal University.

He is blissfully married to Lorilee Joy with whom he has a daughter – Dannie.