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Minister Takehiro Kano, Deputy Chief of Mission of the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines, delivered a special lecture at the National Defense College of the Philippines (NDCL) on 09 May 2019 at the NDCP Honor Hall.

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Minister Kano’s comprehensive lecture, entitled “Defense and Security Concerns of Japan”, covered three key areas. He discussed Japan’s current security environment, national security and defense policy, and international security cooperation.
Minister Kano said that for Japan, managing alliance is critical to the country’s security and stability and is as important as ensuring its own defense capabilities.
In the case of Japan, Minister Kano identified three considerations in defense and national security policy, namely, diplomatic efforts, partnership or alliance with the United States or other like-minded countries, and building up of own defense capabilities in the case of intrusion to territory.
The special lecture aimed to enhance understanding of Philippines-Japan defense and security relations.
In his welcome remarks, NDCP Executive Vice President BGen Rolando G Jungco said that Minister Kano’s insights will substantially enrich the preparation for the Global Security and Development Study (GSDS).
The GSDS, an integral component of the Master in National Security Administration (MNSA) program, provides opportunity for students to observe first-hand the national security system and dynamics of other countries. For MNSA Regular Class (RC) 54, the GSDS focus areas are Japan and South Korea.
In his closing remarks, NDCP President RAdm Roberto Q Estioko AFP (Ret), PhD, MNSA recognized that Philippines-Japan bilateral relations has gone from strength to strength.
He said, “It is worth noting that our defense and security cooperation with Japan has steadily moved forward to cooperative developments that benefit our two countries”.
“The Indo-Pacific region offers both an opportunity and challenge. More than ever, the need for closer defense cooperation is imperative,” RAdm Estioko added.
Participants from various government and non-government agencies, together with MNSA RC 54, attended the special lecture.
Minister Kano was joined by Col Kazunobu Akutsu, Japan’s Defense Attaché, and Cdr Michinori Fukuda, Assistant Defense Attaché.
Established in 1963, the NDCP is the government’s premier academic institution for education, training and research on national security and defense. The College conducts the one-year MNSA program and other executive courses on national security.