The Master in National Security Administration Regular Course 57 celebrated this year’s women’s month through a special lecture entitled “Women’s Participation in National Security through the lens of NS Administrators” on 28 March 2022. Judge Maria Josefina San Juan-Torres, MNSA led the discussion where she highlighted the gender dimension in the judiciary and the ability of women to be effective national security administrators. She emphasized that while there are significant gains that must be celebrated, there is still a lot of work to be done to ensure gender equality is achieved in the judiciary. Some students joined Judge Torres on-site, which provided an opportunity for the College to test the hybrid set-up for its classes.

LTC Lilian Victoria DC Busto PAF(GSC) said in her opening remarks that “women have become more relevant than ever…women now shine, not as victims, nor as the “other sex” but as agents, enablers, and stakeholders. Women now have also become a force in national security.” CAPT Luidegar C Casis PN(GSC) presented the certificate of appreciation to Judge Torres and thanked her for joining the class in celebrating Women’s Month.

This special lecture was organized for the NSA 207B: Leadership and Management module supervised by Associate Professor Rej Cortez Torrecampo.