In support of the government’s efforts to promote awareness and dispel “fake news” about vaccination, the National Defense College of the Philippines (NDCP) conducted a COVID-19 vaccine information drive among its internal stakeholders on 15 February 2021.
The activity featured a lecture from Col Fatima Claire S Navarro, the Chief of V. Luna Medical Center. Dr Navarro talked about how and why COVID-19 had spread, the nature and necessity of vaccines, and what NDCP stakeholders should keep in mind in order to fully benefit from the government’s vaccination drive.
Dr Navarro also entertained generic and technical questions from NDCP officials and staff, which covered issues regarding comorbidities, vaccine efficacy/effectiveness, protocols before and after taking the vaccine, and disinformation, among others.
In his remarks, the NDCP President, Dr Archimedes H Viaje MNSA CESE, expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to further raise the awareness of the NDCP family with regard to the importance of vaccination, address reluctance, and respond to lingering questions once and for all.