The National Defense College of the Philippines held the institution’s first Sportsfest event for the MNSA RC-58 students on 02 December 2022 (Friday).
The activity was a student-led initiative spearheaded by the Sports Committee Chairman, LTC ROMAN S MABBORANG PA, and was supported by the Academic Affairs Division. The event opened with a marching band parade and an Arnis performance from the MMDA organized by a civilian RC-58 student, ATTY CRISANTO C SARUCA JR.
The class was divided into two teams, red and blue. The Sportsfest had two parts: fun games and major sports, specifically basketball and badminton. The first was held in the morning and consisted of parlor-like games where the MNSA RC58 students played tug o’ war, sack race, don’t grab my tail, egg catching, human tunnel, message relay, and longest line.
The blue team dominated the major sports events by winning both basketball and badminton events. The most valuable player (MVP) award was granted to the blue team’s COL LEE M SARPAMONES PAF for badminton and to the red team’s GRP CAPT AAKASH CHOPRA of the Indian Air Force. Overall, the blue team managed to defeat the red team in the majority of the games and claim victory.