In a solemn ceremony, the National Defense College of the Philippines (NDCP) officially opened the academic year for the 65-strong Master in National Security Administration (MNSA) Regular Class (RC) 57 on 8 October 2021 via CISCO Webex.
RC 57 is composed of 26 officers from the Philippine Army, 9 from the Philippine Air Force, 6 from the Philippine Navy, 2 from the Technical and Administrative Service, 6 from foreign military organizations, 13 from civilian government agencies, and 3 from the private sector.
In his remarks, the NDCP President, Dr Archimedes H Viaje MNSA CESE, underscored the importance of education as a continuing process, and that the robust and comprehensive MNSA Program will further expand the students’ knowledge and deepen their wisdom.
The one-year MNSA Program embodies NDCP’s mission to prepare future defense and security leaders for high positions of responsibility and command.