The National Defense College of the Philippines (NDCP) led by the President, LtGen Ferdinand M Cartujano PAF (Ret), together with the students of the National Security Studies Program (NSSP) Class 5, conducted an academic enhancement travel in Palawan and Pag-asa Island on 03-05 December 2023.
The members of the delegation visited Pag-asa Island and were received by LCdr Michael T Salgado PN, Commander of Joint Task Unit Pag-asa, and Mr Ronnie Cojamco, the Island Community Coordinator. During this visit, the delegation handed over donations to the community members and visited various stations that formed part of the defense of Pag-asa Island.
At the Western Command (WESCOM), the delegation also attended a briefing led by Col Gerald M Naldoza PAF (GSC), Chief of Unified Command Staff, WESCOM where they discussed the status of the internal security situation in Palawan as well as the aggressive situation in the disputed islands.
For the students to be effective national security leaders, the visit allowed them to interact with key stakeholders in the focus areas and identify key challenges and prospects for development.
The NSSP Class 5 is the second batch of NSSP students who visited Pag-asa Island.
by Diana Jean Corpuz, Administrative Aide IV