The Philippine Center of Excellence in Defense, Development, and Security (PCEDS) of the National Defense College of the Philippines (NDCP) hosted the Local Stakeholders’ Consultation, the first activity under the Philippine Seapower Initiative on 29 November 2022 via Zoom.
The PCEDS-led consultation sought to gather geographical and sectoral perspectives and insights on maritime security affairs affecting the country. The discussion was divided into two sessions that delved into 1) the maritime security issues and gaps and how the Department of National Defense could address such concerns; and 2) the strategic objectives and approaches of a maritime security strategy. Through the initiative, the College aims to contribute to the development of the defense sector’s maritime security strategy.
In his closing remarks, LtGen Ferdinand M Cartujano PAF(Ret), President of the NDCP, emphasized that the sea plays a central role in the life and prosperity of the Philippines as it serves as an essential link that connects the islands of the archipelago. This underscores the value of pursuing this maritime security-related project.
LtGen Cartujano also lauded the PCEDS-led effort in facilitating a fruitful session. “May your team produce a quality output that will embody the mandate of the College and, most importantly, the defense department in pursuit of higher policy objectives,” the President added.
by Mar Jensen L Arinto, Project Development Officer II